Ruined the whole….

Things get ruined....when we stop protecting them and start instead playing with them. It is a life, one must give a thought about what is left behind .That single day when the needed attention was not given ,initiative was taken to make the inner alone and now when the realisation pinched the heart. Though things [...]


Got us.

You didn't get me, I didn't get you, These are the words, cannot be true. I wonder how a play, turned into a truthful stay. I got into it, you handled it the way. I doubt, if it was a plan, you plotted it right, to place your hand, in hands between mine. Ya, you [...]

Spilling out the whole.

It is hard, not to think about you. pilfer my soul, urging my whole. craving for your, that one little hug. Which makes me feel, out of this world. Ethical is the word, makes me go wild. This is the word, I am not with you mine. If we could have stayed, would have wondered [...]

A dead aspiration.

A kid passing through a sweet shop, saw a sweet. A sweet ( gave her a tempt to get it anyhow) which was expensive but striking and exquisite, that day she build many dreams around that delicate sweet. She envisaged," the day I am going to get it, i will gaze at it with my [...]