Ruined the whole….

Things get ruined....when we stop protecting them and start instead playing with them. It is a life, one must give a thought about what is left behind .That single day when the needed attention was not given ,initiative was taken to make the inner alone and now when the realisation pinched the heart. Though things [...]

Our story

We entered this world With an unique story, Different yet similar. At times we defend our own story By saying Mine is different than yours, I have more pain and problems than you have, This life is hell for me but not for you, I have more struggle than you have, People did wrong to [...]


One who do not stay with you, For his mere happiness, but to share it. One who is not with you to hide insecurities from the outer world, But to make you feel that u mean something to them. Though friendship is a shelter , where we can feel protected from storm . But at [...]


Two heads into knees. Weeping with pain. Struggling their part. Crawled towards the other, In suspicion . To know eachothers part. Broken inside still consoling eachother. Walking the way to share the company Legs with legs , hand with hands moving together in support . Got a moment in between to look into eachothers eye [...]