Ruined the whole….

Things get ruined....when we stop protecting them and start instead playing with them. It is a life, one must give a thought about what is left behind .That single day when the needed attention was not given ,initiative was taken to make the inner alone and now when the realisation pinched the heart. Though things [...]



With debilitating zest, To put forth a single step, try to carve a path, Instill confidence drop by drop, Organise the will power. The will power to stand with a, Tremendous vigor not for oneself , But for the whole community, And help others carve their path. No matter what life holds for us, No [...]

Self talk.

Since childhood, we grapple. We had fights with people over trivial issues, whether it concerned our lunch boxes or our class seats. Our school acquaintances or our neighborhood, they all concerned us with a deep sense of tussle, which we all had with someone or the other. we were brave enough to spearhead any fight [...]

fears or FAILURES.

These incessant attacks of FEAR,  not letting to step out of, warm house of comfort ,self-love. The burgeoning pile of regrets, is holding back. This consternation, suspicious attitude towards trying , apprehensions , are all creating a warm house , which brings all the comfort to the fore. But great things come with the DARE.  DARE to face [...]

Got us.

You didn't get me, I didn't get you, These are the words, cannot be true. I wonder how a play, turned into a truthful stay. I got into it, you handled it the way. I doubt, if it was a plan, you plotted it right, to place your hand, in hands between mine. Ya, you [...]